Does Algaefix marine work?

Does Algaefix marine work?

3.0 out of 5 stars Did not get rid of algae and lost almost all inverts in reef tank after 2 weeks of use. I have used this product for the past 2 weeks in my 125 gallon reef tank. I dosed 12 ml every three days. This is a review for the marine version used in a saltwater tank.

Does Algaefix work on saltwater?

API Marine Algaefix controls many types of algae growth in marine (saltwater) and reef aquariums, including Green algae, “Red Slime,” and “Brown Algae” in aquariums containing live corals, invertebrates, and fish. It is an EPA registered product and will not harm any live element of your saltwater or reef aquarium.

Does Algaefix work on Brown Algae?

API MARINE ALGAEFIX Algae Control effectively controls these types of algae: Green algae, “Red Slime”, and “Brown algae” in saltwater aquariums. Works fast. Will not harm marine fish, corals or other invertebrates when used as directed.

Is Algaefix harmful to fish?

ALGAEFIX™ API ALGAEFIX algae control effectively controls many types of algae in aquariums and will not harm to your fish or plants when used as directed.

How quickly does AlgaeFix work?

I finally decided to try algaefix. First treatment yesterday and today I see that any of the green algae is going white and all the bubbles are starting to secrete some white slime stuff and the bubbles are deflating. I have read that most results are noticed around the 5 to 7 dose range. So about two weeks.

Can you use AlgaeFix in freshwater?

Algaefix effectively controls green water algae blooms and keeps freshwater aquariums clean and clear. Weekly doses of Algaefix will control algae growth and reduce aquarium maintenance. Caution: Do not use Algaefix with crustaceans, including crabs, shrimp, freshwater shrimp and freshwater lobsters.

How do you control algae in a saltwater fish tank?

5 Effective Ways to Control Algae in Reef Aquariums

  1. Always use RO/DI water in a reef aquarium.
  2. Do not overfeed fish and corals.
  3. Remove nutrients from the aquarium.
  4. Maintain or upgrade aquarium lighting.
  5. Keep your aquarium clean.

Is AlgaeFix reef safe?

As a reef safe aquarium algaecide, ALGAEFIX MARINE controls many types of algae in marine and reef aquariums including Red Slime Algae and Brown Algae. It will not harm marine fish, corals and other invertebrates and Will not harm coralline algae.

How quickly does Algaefix work?

When should I use Algaefix?

Add 14 drops (1 ml) of Algaefix for every 10 gallons or 1 teaspoon for every 50 gallons of water. Repeat dose every three days until algae is controlled. Siphon out or scrape any dead filamentous algae from aquarium. Once algae growth is under control, add one dose every 7 days.

What happens if you put too much algae remover in a fish tank?

Remember that overuse of algaecide can cause future outbreaks of algae — worse than the original problem and it can damage plants and fish. If it is necessary to get control of algae, follow all directions to the letter and make sure to get the pond into balance after its use.

How long does Algaefix stay in water?

“Algaefix when used as directed will dissipate in the aquarium after a 24 hour period. So if you wait 48 hours past adding the product you can add the crustaceans then they should be ok.

How do I use algaefix algae control?

You can use ALGAEFIX algae control as part of your aquarium maintenance routine to control the formation of new algae. Weekly doses will control algae growth and reduce aquarium maintenance.

Will API algae control harm my fish or plants?

API ALGAEFIX™ algae control effectively controls many types of algae in aquariums and will not harm to your fish or plants when used as directed.

Does algaefix really keep your pond clean and clear?

On the label, API claims that ALGAEFIX keeps your pond clean and clear. That’s the only marketing gimmick in the label. Certainly, you need to do a lot more things than just using ALGAEFIX for the clean and clear pond. Besides that, ALGAEFIX does everything it claims to do. As seen on label, this product works fast.

Does algae killer work on algae?

It’s billed to control three major types of algae – green water algae, hair algae and blanketweed algae. In reality, it covers even more types of algae that frequent ornamental ponds. The product is so potent that you are going to see dead algae in less than a day. By any count, it does work on up to 80% of the algae population.