Do Nikon make extension tubes?

Do Nikon make extension tubes?

Nikon produces a range of auto extension tubes which can be used with Nikon Ai, Ai-s, AF, AF-D and AF-S (D-type) lenses. Nikon auto extension tubes do not have CPU contacts required to adjust the aperture electronically using the camera dials.

What is extension tube for Nikon?

Extension tubes enable macro performance for lenses not otherwise able to focus that close, and are also suited for close-up portraiture. The Auto Extension Tube Set for Nikon F contains three extension tubes of 12, 20, and 36mm lengths.

Can you use extension tubes with any lens?

You can use extension tubes with any type of lenses: primes or zooms, portraits, or even macro! Extension tubes are an inexpensive way to get the kind of short focusing distances that you get from a dedicated and much more expensive macro lens.

What lens is best for macro extension tubes?

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM I particularly wanted to include this lens because it’s by far the most cost-effective way to use extension tubes for macro-like photos.

Which lens is best for extension tubes?

Extension tubes are most effective when used with lenses of focal lengths between 24-100mm. They are not so effective when used with telephoto lenses (for these, use a close-up lens). You can’t use an extension tube with some wide-angle lenses as it becomes impossible to focus with it fitted.

Do extension tubes degrade image quality?

Extension tubes work by shifting the minimum focus distance towards the camera. With the lens able to form images closer in, the subject is effectively magnified. Since the tubes don’t have any glass- they just add some extra space- their use does not degrade image quality. Extension tubes can be used with any lens.

Are extension tubes good for macro?

Extension tubes allow autofocus and, after moderate sharpening, deliver sharpness which rivals macro lenses. I shoot mostly at f/11 with both the macro and extended telephoto lenses. Shot with a Sony 70-350mm. I mainly use a 16mm extension tube for lenses from 100 to 200mm, but 21mm works well with my longer lenses.

Do extension tubes degrade the quality of the image?