Do aftermarket control arms make a difference?

Do aftermarket control arms make a difference?

Aftermarket control arms often weigh less than OEM control arms, reducing unsprung suspension weight and improving ride quality. Aftermarket control arms can also accommodate replacement shocks that offer better all-around performance than OEM shocks.

Are aftermarket control arms legal?

“Aftermarket arms are only legal if all components meet or exceed OE,” says Michael.

Do you need aftermarket lower control arms?

It is not necessary to replace both lower or both upper control arms if one is bad, but often they wear out at roughly the same mileage. If one control arm is bad and the other is on its way, it makes sense to replace both arms at once.

What do aftermarket lower control arms do?

Their main purpose is to support the up and down movement of the axles. The lower control arms also transmit the force from the wheels to the chassis. Of course, control arms are much lighter, and more effective in preventing axle wrap than the traditional leaf spring set up.

Do I need an alignment after replacing upper control arm?

Most certainly you will need to have a wheel alignment performed, including camber, caster and toe adjustments, after replacing such components.

What does an aftermarket upper control arm do?

Upper control arms are found on independent front suspension (IFS) vehicles and generally connects the top of the spindle to the frame. The UCA is generally not a load bearing piece of an IFS suspension; rather, its purpose is to guide your spindle in a pre-determined motion when your suspension cycles up or down.

Do I need aftermarket upper control arms?

If you lift your 4WD, altering your vehicles geometry, then yes you will need adjustable upper control arms. An aftermarket control arm, when designed correctly like SuperPro 4×4 Control arms, will correct alignment and inherent clearance issues that arise when you lift or modify the suspension of your 4WD.

Do you need an alignment after replacing control arms?

Absolutely need an alignment after control arms unless you’re a master of the old chalk and tape method.

Should I replace the control arm or just bushings?

If the arm is in good shape you can replace just the bushings, often the entire assembly is cheaper to buy than the parts and assembly into the old arm. If the control arm is bent from an accident, replace the whole thing. If the bushings are worn out, the best is to get new bushings.

What do Aftermarket upper control arms do?

Do control arms affect steering?

Another symptom commonly associated with bad or failing control arm components is steering wandering. Excessively worn ball joints, bushings, or a combination of these can cause the vehicle’s steering alignment to shift, which may cause the steering to pull to the left or right when traveling down the road.