Did Y8 shut down?

Did Y8 shut down?

Y8.com is a popular free-to-play website containing a social network of 30 million players. Y8 Games, the company behind y8.com, is a renowned game publisher and developer and is, unfortunately, announcing that it will shut down most of its games.

Is Y8 still available?

Y8 Shutting Down in 2020? We are moving to more browser games that don’t require plugins by 2021. Still more amazing games coming this year and after. Working hard to preserve all the old Flash games.

When was Y8 made?

Founded in 2006, Y8.com is a game development site and a growing community that caters to thousands of free games formatted in and supported by Adobe Flash Player, Unity 3D, HTML5, Android, and Java.

Who is the creator of Y8?

Jordan Wyatt
Jordan Wyatt founded Y8 STUDIO in 2015 after founding and working with multiple companies in sustainable architecture, construction and design since 2001.

What is the Y8 browser?

The Y8 Flash browser is a Chromium based browser packaged with the Adobe Flash Player. As old rendering technologies that created decades long worth of games get removed from Chrome, this is a way to preseve that browser games history.

Is Y8 game free?

Y8 – Play free Y8 games online on Agame.

What is the meaning of Y8?

Youth 8 summit, more commonly known as the Y8 summit is the youth counterpart to the G8 summit.

What is Y8 browser?