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Did Reg Varney really drive the buses?

Did Reg Varney really drive the buses?

“I’ll get you, Butler,” was a constant threat from the incensed inspector. Stan’s only ally was the lothario conductor, Jack (Bob Grant), and together they were the bane of Blakey’s life. Varney drove the bus himself but was not allowed to carry fare-paying passengers.

Why did Reg Varney stop doing on the buses?

So Varney wasn’t in the last six episodes of this series. His absence was explained by Stan moving to the Midlands, to work in a bus manufacturing factory. Inspector Blakey moved into the Butler household as a lodger, so he was promoted from a bit-player to the show’s primary character.

Was Brian Murphy with Yootha Joyce when she died?

Final years and death Joyce died in hospital of liver failure four days after her 53rd birthday on 24 August 1980. Her co-star and good friend Brian Murphy was at her bedside. Joyce’s funeral took place on 3 September 1980 at Golders Green Crematorium where she was cremated.

Where is Reg Varney now?

Varney died aged 92 in a nursing home in Budleigh Salterton, Devon, on 16 November 2008, following a chest infection. In 2016, 100 years after Varney was born, an exhibition called “Before the Buses” was commissioned by his only child, his daughter Jeanne.

Why was Stan written out of on the buses?

Varney’s final episode of On The Buses, and the 69th episode in the series overall, was titled “Goodbye Stan” and explained the character’s absence by revealing that Stan was moving to Birmingham to work in a car factory.

What did Bob Grant died of?

SuicideBob Grant / Cause of death

In despair, Grant made a third and final suicide attempt in 2003. This time he succeeded, dying in his fume-filled car in his garage with a hose attached to the exhaust pipe, and was found dead soon after.

What happened to Olive and Arthur’s baby in On The Buses?

In the first of three On The Buses movies, Olive became pregnant and gave birth to her son Arthur. In Mutiny On The Buses, she became pregnant again.

Why was Stan written out of On The Buses?

Was Bob Grant married?

Kim BenwellBob Grant / Spouse (m. 1971–2003)

What happened to Olive and Arthur’s baby in On the Buses?

Is Reg Varney still alive?

November 16, 2008Reg Varney / Date of death

Did Arthur Love Olive On the Buses?

Butler and further his chances of getting the single room. However, in the middle of the night he accidentally gets into Olive’s bed, so Mum forces Arthur to marry Olive so she can finally get married and have the husband she always hoped for. At the end of Series Six, Arthur departed from the show by divorcing Olive.

Who is Reg Varney?

Actor Reg Varney was born into a close knit family of five children. He left school at 14 and worked as a messenger boy and page boy at the Regent Palace Hotel. He took Piano lessons from a young age and also found work as a part-time piano player, playing in working mens’ clubs, pubs and cinemas.

Where are Anna Rudge and Reg Varney now?

Anna (aka Olive Rudge) has since played Sal Martin, the sister of Barbara Windsor’s Peggy Mitchell, in EastEnders. Widowed in 2008, she’s now 78 and lives in Essex where she teaches drama. REG VARNEY. East London-born Reg began in a stage duo with Benny Hill but hit fame playing the conductor Stan Butler.

How did Reg Varney get his big break?

Reg entertained troops during World War 2 and worked on stage with Benny Hill on being demobilised. In 1961 Reg got his big break by being cast in ‘The Rag Trade’, before starring in a solo-show called ‘The Seven Faces of Reg Varney’ in which he frantically had to change costumes for seven characters and perform each in front of a live audience.

What happened to John Varney after on the buses?

However neither series replicated his success with On the Buses, and after Down the Gate was dropped after twelve episodes, Varney did not star in another television series. LWT revived The Rag Trade in 1977 but Varney did not reprise his role.