Can you swim at the Watagans?

Can you swim at the Watagans?

Located in the Watagans, the boarding house dam and the creek it connects to are picturesque places to have a paddle. Hidden under a canopy of rainforest, you can let the cool shade and the sounds of nature relax you as you slip into the water.

Can you swim at Freemans Waterhole?

Washpools waterhole is a natural swimming hole in Middle Brook, only 500m from Washpools picnic area and viewing platform. The shallow brook is about 1m wide and 10m long — good for lying in and letting the water run over you like a spa. Take a dip following a challenging hike or after a barbecue.

Can you swim in Mudgee?

It is a protected national park and wilderness area where you can walk leisurely, hike, bike, swim, canoe, have picnic or camping.

Are the Watagans part of the Central Coast?

Geographically, the Central Coast is generally considered to include the region bounded by the Hawkesbury River in the south, the Watagan Mountains in the west and the southern end of Lake Macquarie, lying on the Sydney basin.

Can I take my dog to the Watagans?

Watagan National Park is OK, but The Pines Picnic Area, the 3 best lookouts (Heaton, Hunter and Mcleans) and all the free camping areas are in State Forest. Dogs are OK to bring too, nice for a family camping trip.

Is Bexhill quarry safe to swim in?

New water tests of the cobalt blue Bexhill quarry revealed the pH is 4.11, less acidic than previous years but still well below safe swimming guidelines.

Can you swim in Wollombi Brook?

The Wollombi Brook Pool is a great spot to stop (and take a swim) on a hot day. From the pool, the walk climbs into the Warrawolong Flora Reserve using a combination of bush tracks and dirt roads. Along the way, a side trip to Mt Warrawolong offers views on the way to the highest point in the area.

Can you swim in Burrendong Dam?

Situated midway between Orange and Dubbo, Lake Burrendong is a great spot for an all day adventure with the family. In the dam you can swim, fish, boat, kayak and more and when you are waterlogged check out the Botanic Gardens and Arboretum.

Where do you swim in Mudgee?

THE DRIP, MUDGEE Depending on the time of year, The Drip is both a beautiful walk in nature and a great place to take a dip if the water level is high enough.

Can you swim in the Hunter River Maitland?

Whether you’re tired of the crowded beaches, running low on friends who have pools or are really sick of blowing up that plastic pool, you’re in luck because the Hunter is home to some pretty amazing natural swimming holes.

What feeds the Hunter River?

The main tributaries are the Pages, Goulburn, Williams and the Paterson rivers and the Moonan, Stewarts and Wollombi brooks.

Where to go in Watagans National Park?

Boarding House Dam picnic area is a must-see starting point for any trip into Watagans National Park. The boarding house originally accommodated the longest-serving and largest logging camp in the area.

Where is the Old Mill picnic area in Watagan?

Set alongside Watagan Forest Road, the Old Mill Picnic Area is a great place for family sport, with a wide and flat grassed area surrounded by forest. Please note that this site is for day use only, with no camping allowed.

Why should you visit Watagans?

The central location means you can easily duck into a town for supplies, or even head to one of the many beaches for a swim after a day on the tracks. Speaking of tracks, the Watagans has something for all off-road tastes.

What is it like to drive the Watagans?

Speaking of tracks, the Watagans has something for all off-road tastes. From mud-pits, to rock crawling tracks, to scenic dirt road drives. It’s almost like you are a world away, yet the major highway between Sydney and Queensland (Pacific Highway) is almost in sight.