Can you share Hershey Park season pass?

Can you share Hershey Park season pass?

Yes, Hersheypark Season Pass Holders can bring a friend (the more the merrier!). The friend or family member would need a ticket, and depending on the level of pass the ticket could be a discounted or complimentary ticket from the Season Pass Holder Portal (for Full Size and King Size).

Does Hershey Park season pass include sweet lights?

Pass holders (all levels) can enjoy unlimited visits to Sweet Lights, a drive-through Christmas lights display! One season pass is needed per vehicle.

Is it cheaper to buy Hersheypark tickets online or in person?

It’s usually cheaper online, especially if you are visiting for more than one day. You can usually preview the park the night before your full day ticket after dark for free.

How much is the giant discount for Hersheypark?

King Size and Full Size Pass Holders can purchase discounted tickets as well. Bite Size Pass Holder must purchase their parking through the account to receive their 50% discount on General Parking. To create an account and log in, please visit the Self-Service Account log-in page.

Is Hersheypark cheaper after 5?

Save more than 50% on Hersheypark tickets when you visit later in the day! Valid for admission after 4 PM or 5 PM, depending on when Hersheypark closes. Sunset Hersheypark regular tickets are $32.95.

Do season pass holders get in early at Hersheypark?

Full Size and King Size Season Pass Holders can start their day before the gates officially open to the public. Hersheypark Sweet Start, allows up to one hour early admittance to a select footprint within Hersheypark.

Can you use Dutch Wonderland season passes at Hersheypark?

Hersheypark & Dutch Wonderland Season Pass This combo gives you unlimited access to both Hersheypark and Dutch Wonderland during operational dates of the 2019 season.

Can you leave Hersheypark and come back?

Yes, you can. Before you exit they will ask you if want to return and, if you do, they’ll stamp your hand. They also let you know when you enter the park that you can re-enter as long as you have the hand stamp.

What is Hershey after dark?

The show is titled “Chocolate Meltdown: Hershey’s After Dark” and will feature host Sunny Anderson leading three pastry chefs through chocolate-based challenges. The episodes were filmed after hours at Hersheypark in 2020, and will air as part of Food Network’s Halloween-themed programming.