Can you make a follower dual wield in Skyrim?

Can you make a follower dual wield in Skyrim?

Followers like Frea, Rayya, Ralis and Jenassa. And dark brotherhood initiate. Some dont actually equip them, but once they are in battle, they will use it. It depends on the situation, as maybe a 1 handed follower, may use a bow if given, at ranged enemies ect.

Can you make Lydia dual wield?

Title says it all. Using Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks. When choosing dual-wield combat style for Lydia she still uses 1h + shield – even when I’ve given her multiple 1h weapons.

How do you make AELA dual wield?

So with a pad equip one with the right bumper and one with the left, or with a mouse one with the right mouse button and one with the left. Then each of the buttons attacks with its equip weapon and hold both down for a duel power attack.

Can Ralis Sedarys dual wield?

Ralis is highly proficient in ranged and melee combat, often choosing to dual-wield Hoarfrost with another pickaxe. He appears to have both perks in Dual Flurry, and combined with Extra Damage perk, he is likely to perform several consecutive power attacks when in melee.

Can Ralis dual wield?

Dual wield followers (Only 5 In-Game: Ralis Sedarys, Rayya, Frea, Jenassa, Dark Brotherhood Initiate) only equip their second weapon in combat. Ralis is one of the best dual-wield followers in the game, and I recomend him as a follower.

Will Cicero dual wield?

Cicero is an adept assassin so it should come as no surprise that he has a high one-handed skill. However, some players may not realize just how powerful he is with a dagger. This jester-themed assassin has the highest possible one-handed skill in the game which makes him an extremely powerful dual wielder.

Is dual wielding better than two handed Skyrim?

Actually though, the dual daggers will do more damage than a 2H weapon in the long run, without even considering any sneak attacks. You see bigger damage per hit with the 2H, but once you factor in weapon speed, daggers do more DPS. As Perk said, it’s a trade off of more damage vs. blocking.

Can AELA dual wield?

She will stay out of the way, i think because she prefers ranged weapons, and SHE WILL DUAL WIELD STAVES! She will intelligently equip the right weapon for the job, from sword & shield to axes to bows to staves, and she will light a torch in dark areas if you sheath your weapons.

Can Dark Brotherhood initiates dual wield?

The Initiates can only dual wield if they are given at least one Forsworn sword or a pickaxe. Lacking the default iron arrows possessed by other followers, one must provide them with arrows.

Does frea dual wield?

By default, Frea dual wields a Stalhrim Axe and Nordic War Axe (or any other weapons given to her), without the need to put a pickaxe or a Forsworn weapon in her inventory as with most other followers.

Can AELA the Huntress dual wield?