Can you import a Nissan Silvia S15?

Can you import a Nissan Silvia S15?

The 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 is 25 years old starting in January 2024. Once it turns 25 years old, it will be exempt from NHTSA requirements, and legal to import to the USA.

Can I import a S15 to USA?

Federal regulations ban importing vehicles into the United States unless they are modified to meet NHTSA safety regulations or are older than 25 years. The S15 Nissan Silvia in question was manufactured from 1999 to 2002, so they can’t be imported legally until 2024, and they were never sold in the United States.

Is the Nissan Silvia S15 legal in the US?

The Nissan Silvia S15 is currently banned for road use in the United States. Good. The official reason for the S15 being kept off of American roads is because of our 25-year import rule, which bans any car that 1) was not originally sold in the United States and 2) is less than 25 years old.

Is a Silvia an import?

Production of the Silvia ended in August 2002 amidst Nissan’s efforts to reduce its myriad of platforms. For Spec-R and Autech models only December 1998 to August 2000 models are eligible for import, however for the Varietta any build date is importable.

Can you legally import an R34?

There is a common misconception that R34 GT-Rs are illegal in the U.S. In most cases, that’s true—but there are exceptions. Federal law dictates that these cars are not eligible to import until they have reached 25 years of age, and this applies right down to the month of manufacture.

Can you buy an S15?

When can I legally buy a Nissan S15? Technically, you can already buy one. The ban on the U.S. only applies to importing cars—so it’s perfectly legal to buy an S15 and store it overseas until you can bring it to the U.S. To drive your car, you’ll have to wait until January 2024.

How do I import a Nissan Silvia S15 into the US?

In order to legally import a vehicle to the United States, you have to declare the vehicle with US Customs and Border Patrol, which includes filling out a NHTSA form HS7, and EPA form 3520-1.

How much does it cost to import a Silvia from Japan?

The cost to import a car from Japan to USA starts around $2000+ per car.

What engine is in a S15?

The S15 is a rear-wheel-drive sports coupe, powered by Nissan’s SR20DET; a 2.0 litre in-line 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with air-to-air intercooler that delivers a power output of 250 horsepower that results in a power-to-weight ration of less than 5Kg/PS.

Are R35 legal in the US?

Long story short, the Nissan Skyline GT-R is illegal in the United States because it doesn’t meet the requirements of the 1988 Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act. The Skyline was not built with the right safety features to comply with the relevant road safety legislation.