Can you buy tickets at Stadio Olimpico?

Can you buy tickets at Stadio Olimpico?

While the tickets for Stadio Olimpico can be bought in direct, we recommend you to buy tickets for Stadio Olimpico in advance from the tickets section to avoid all the hassles. Before getting the tickets for Stadio Olimpico, look into the Stadio Olimpico Seating Plan and book accordingly.

Can you visit the Stadio Olimpico?

Tours will be offered in both English and Italian. The new opening was officially inaugurated on Thursday, as representatives from all three parties involved embarked on the first version of the tour.

What is the capacity of the Stadio Olimpico?

72,698Stadio Olimpico / Capacity

How do I get from Rome city Centre to Stadio Olimpico?

Metro/bus: Metro line A (from Termini train station) following the directions to Ottaviano station and go down to the terminus one (the end of the line). Then take the bus line 32 Piazzale della Farnesina. Tram: Alternatively from central Rome to Stadio Olimpico is to take Tram # 2 from Piazzale Flaminio.

How do I get tickets for Lazio?

Where to buy Roma and Lazio football tickets

  1. StubHub. Book at
  2. Viagogo. Book at
  3. Official Websites. For the majority of Rome and Lazio home games, a significant amount of tickets usually end up on general sale.

How do you get to Lazio stadium?

Lazio | Tickets and stadium | Stadium and regulations….

Useful informations
ADDRESS Via Foro Italico, 00194 Rome
Take the Rome subway (Red line – Line A), get off at Ottaviano-San Pietro, then take the bus number 32 and get off at Piazzale della Farnesina, just a few meters away from the Olympic Stadium

Can you visit Olympic stadium in Rome?

Unfortunately, Stadio Olimpico does not run any stadium tours, which means that on non-matchdays one can only see the stadium from the outside and walk around the complex. Rome’s other major stadium, Stadio Flaminio lies at walking distance on the other side of the river.

Why do Italian clubs share stadiums?

A groundshare, also known as a shared stadium or shared arena, is the principle of sharing a stadium between two local sports teams. This is usually done for the purpose of reducing the costs of either construction of two separate facilities and related maintenance.

Does Juventus share stadium?

Two different stadiums, yes, but with a similar tale to tell. When the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino opened in 1933 it immediately became the home of Juventus, a side that had previously bounced from one venue to another in Turin since their formation in 1897.

What is Romas stadium called?

Stadio OlimpicoA.S. Roma / Arena/Stadium

How do you get to Lazio Stadium?