Can stress tensor be non symmetric?

Can stress tensor be non symmetric?

Although the theory generally predicts the stress to be non symmetric, the stress tensor can still be considered as symmetrical in the absence of external fields and when the inertia effects of internal rotations and couple stresses are neglected.

How do you show stress tensor is symmetric?

The symmetry of the stress tensor will be demonstrated in two ways. The first is fairly intuitive. We argue that stress components located above and below the main diagonal represent torques that are equal but opposite. If the tensor is symmetric, then, those torques add up to zero.

Why are the stress and strain tensors symmetric?

The stress tensor is generally required to be symmetric as a consequence of conservation of angular momentum. However, that boils down to the assumption of treating only forces (traction) as primary, independent quantities and moments as derived from forces (as a couple force with an arm).

Is shear stress tensor symmetric?

Thus, in general smn = snm Stress tensor is symmetric. Six independent components of the stress tensor.

Is deformation tensor symmetric?

The strain tensor, defined as a symmetric part of the displacement gradient removes the effect of rotation in the state of strain in a body. In other words, strain described the change of length and angles while the spin, element rotation.

Is stress a tensor quantity?

Stress is a tensor1 because it describes things happening in two directions simultaneously. You can have an x-directed force pushing along an interface of constant y; this would be σxy.

Is strain tensor symmetric?

However, both stress and strain are symmetric tensors; σij = σji and ϵij = ϵji each only has 6 independent terms.

What is divergence of stress tensor?

Rule of thumb: the divergence of a matrix (a second order tensor) can be defined by the trace of the gradient of a tensor field. For a 2×2 matrix, the divergence is actually the divergence of each row: ∇⋅A=(∇⋅A1i∇⋅A2i)=(∂xA11+∂yA12∂xA21+∂yA22).

Is the strain tensor symmetric?

Is infinitesimal strain tensor symmetric?

1. It is defined to be symmetric so that it behaves like a tensor.

What is stiffness tensor?

In isotropic media, the stiffness tensor gives the relationship between the stresses (resulting internal stresses) and the strains (resulting deformations).