Can I use one Google Analytics account for multiple domains?

Can I use one Google Analytics account for multiple domains?

When you have multiple websites to track, you can use a single account to add multiple sites in Google Analytics, which can be done in two ways. You can either add all your sites under a single Analytics account as different properties or add a unique Analytics account ID to each individual site.

Can Google Analytics track two domains?

Cross-domain measurement is a Google Analytics feature that allows you to see sessions from two related sites (such as an ecommerce site and a separate shopping cart site) as a single session, rather than as two separate ones.

Can Google Analytics track more than one website?

If you are using Analytics to track a single website, account organization is simple: you will have one account for your website. For setting up Analytics accounts to manage multiple websites, keep in mind the following: Each Analytics account can have up to 100 properties and each property can have up to 25 views.

How do you track users and sessions across multiple domains?


  1. Data Import.
  2. Ad Exchange Linking.
  3. Cross-domain tracking.
  4. Google Ads Linking.

How do I add multiple properties to Google Analytics?

Using single account you can easily add multiple sites in Google Analytics which can be done in the following two ways:

  1. Add all your sites under a single Analytics account id as different properties.
  2. Add each site with unique Analytics account id.

How do I add multiple properties in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics does not provide a way to aggregate or view data from multiple properties. You cannot, for example, see an overview of all your traffic if your blog readers are being tracked in one property, your potential clients in a second one, and your existing clients in a third.

Do you need cross domain tracking for subdomains?

Clear as day: “Tracking users across subdomains does not require any additional configuration.” Also, some of the recent, excellent guides to cross-domain tracking, written by E-Nor and Bounteous enforce the same: you just need a default Universal Analytics Tag in Google Tag Manager.

How do I cross domain tracking?

In Google Analytics, open the property of your website/project and go to Admin > Tracking Info > Referral Exclusion List (in the Property column). Add the domain of the outbound website. If you have multiple websites “participating” in the cross domain tracking, add all the domains to that list.

What feature must you set up to track users across different devices and different sessions?

You must enable the User ID feature to recognize users across different devices.

What is User ID to track users across different devices?

To recognize users across different devices, Sign-in is required for User ID.

What is Universal Analytics property?

Universal Analytics is a version of Google Analytics that set a new standard for how user data is collected and organized. Introduced in the fall of 2012, Universal Analytics offers new tracking codes for websites and features that can more accurately measure user behavior (1).

What is a GA property?

In Google Analytics, a property is a website, mobile application, or blog, etc., that is associated with a unique tracking ID. A Google Analytics account can contain one or more properties.

Does Google Analytics track across domains?

By default, Google Analytics is not able to track website users and their activities across multiple domains. That is because Google Analytics uses first-party cookies that can be read by only that domain that issued it. You would need to manually set up cross-domain tracking. Why do you need cross-domain tracking?

When should I set up Universal Analytics for multiple domains?

If the flow of your website user experience moves between more than one domain (e.g. to ), you should set up your Universal Analytics tags to measure those visits as one.

What is cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics?

In the context of Google Analytics, cross-domain tracking is the tracking of website users and their activities across two or more domains. Does Google Analytics support cross-domain tracking by default?

How to measure user interaction across multiple domains in Tag Manager?

To configure a Universal Analytics tag in Tag Manager to measure user interaction across multiple domains: In Tag Manager, open your Google Analytics Settings variable or Universal Analytics tag for editing. To find your Google Analytics Settings variable, click Variables and then click the appropriate variable in the list.