Can I take potatoes into Victoria?

Can I take potatoes into Victoria?

Carrying honey, bees and bee products onto the island is prohibited. Potatoes are also prohibited unless they have been washed or brushed free of soil and are in new packaging.

Are you allowed to bring seeds into Australia?

Seeds must be a permitted species, and not otherwise prohibited from being imported into Australia. Search for the species you wish to import in BICON. Seeds arriving through the mail, air courier or passenger baggage will need to be commercially packaged and labelled with the full botanical name (genus and species).

Can I take a plant on a domestic flight Australia?

There are restrictions on those plants and produce from the orchard and vegetable garden you can move between states, but also on household potted plants (including fruit trees) and some pet animals. Soil can carry harmful pests and diseases so most states do not allow pot plants to be moved.

Can you take potatoes from Tasmania to Victoria?

Victoria introduced entry restrictions on potatoes for planting as of 1 March 2016. Currently, Queensland and Western Australia are unable to declare freedom from PSTVd whereas New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory are reported to be free of the disease.

Can I take vegetables into Victoria?

In addition to the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area, no fruit or vegetables of any type can be taken from Victoria and across any part of the border into South Australia.

Can I take potatoes into the Riverland?

What you can take: Leafy greens (including lettus, spinach, and kale) Brassica crops (including cauliflower, cabbages, and broccoli) Onions, carrots, and potatoes.

Can I ship plants to Australia?

Live plants can only be imported to Australia under an import permit we have issued. The only exception where a permit is not required is for imported orchid tissue cultures brought through the airport as accompanied baggage. Make sure you: read the information on how to apply for an import permit in BICON.

Where are potatoes grown in Victoria?

Victoria, led by Goldfields growers, was number one in potato production for a century, until South Australia surged ahead 20 years ago. But, Ballarat growers retain a wealth of knowledge when it comes to propagating spuds. The variety of produce grown on the Mornington Peninsula is astounding.

Why are seeds not allowed in Australia?

Some species are not permitted entry due to their potential weed risk to Australia, and others may require specific testing and certification to ensure they are free from pathogens of concern.

Can you take seeds on an international flight?

Seeds from trees and shrubs are prohibited in passenger baggage.

Can you take vegetables into Victoria?

Can I take seeds on a domestic flight?

If you are flying domestically, you don’t need to worry about having your seeds accessible since you are keeping them within the same country from departure to arrival. TSA allows seeds in your checked and carry-on bags, but they might be subject to additional screening as with any item.