Can I store gasoline in a MSR fuel bottle?

Can I store gasoline in a MSR fuel bottle?

MSR Liquid Fuel Bottles are specifically designed for use with MSR liquid fuel stoves, but can also be used as extra fuel canisters for motorcycles, scooters, and chainsaws, as well as storing spare gas for disaster preparedness.

What size is a bottle of MSR?

Tech Specs

11 OZ 20 OZ
Width (Standard) 2.5 in 2.9 in
Weight (Standard) 4.3 oz 5.9 oz
Length (Standard) 2.5 in 2.9 in
Height (Standard) 7.4 in 9.4 in

Are MSR and Optimus fuel bottles interchangeable?

You can swap the fuel caps on the liquid fuel bottles… see more. I have used both the 25.4 fluid ounce Optimus fuel bottle and the 30 fluid ounce MSR fuel bottle interchangeably.

How long will 8 oz of MSR fuel last?

about three hours
According to Eastern Slopes, an 8 ounce canister of fuel can burn for about three hours, when using a variety of heat settings. If you always plan cranking the burner on high to boil water, the fuel canister will NOT last nearly as long.

Is Coleman fuel the same as MSR fuel?

Yes, Coleman fuel is a white gas. We also make a high quality white gas that will reduce clogging (MSR SuperFuel™). Crown and Camplite also make white gas. MSR SuperFuel white gas, Crown Camping Fuel, and Camplite Camping Fuel are available at your local outdoor stores.

How long will a MSR fuel bottle last?

How long will a canister of MSR IsoPro last? In general one 8 oz. canister of MSR IsoPro fuel will be sufficient to boil water for two people over four days in summer.

How do I reduce the pressure in my MSR fuel bottle?

how do you release the pressure in the MSR fuel bottle? Unscrew the cap. A betetr method however is to wrap something (like TP) around the cap first, then unscrew the cap. There will be some spray out from the thread region – always.

How long does MSR fuel bottle last?

What can I use as a fuel bottle?

For smaller amounts of fuel, Nalgene travel bottles work great. For larger amounts, a plastic soda bottle or Platypus SoftBottle will do the trick.

How do you refill a MSR fuel bottle?

Check that there is no fuel on the bottle, pump, fuel line or burner….How to Use MSR Liquid Fuel Stoves

  1. Fill your MSR fuel bottle to the fill line, with the appropriate fuel for your stove model.
  2. After filling the fuel bottle, insert the pump and tighten it firmly.
  3. Close the pump control valve.