Can I learn thieves cant 5e?

Can I learn thieves cant 5e?

DM: No, you can’t cant! etc. @SilverKytsune I imagine Thieves’ Cant is a mixture of codespeak, street slang, and graffiti. Too complex to be teachable.

Can thieves cant be learned?

As stated in your excerpt from the players’ handbook, thieves cant isn’t realy a language unto itself, but a way to put hidden messages into an existing one. As such, using comprehend languages or tongues would allow you to understand the language being used, but not the message hidden in thieves’ cant.

Can tongues understand thieves cant?

No. Comprehend languages only lets you understand the literal meaning of the words. For the duration, you understand the literal meaning of any spoken language that you hear. Thieves cant states that the message is coded so only thieves would understand.

Is thieves cant an actual language?

While the exact origin of Thieves’ Cant is elusive, researchers usually regard it as a mix of English, Latin, French, Russian, Italian, Yiddish, and some versions of Romany.

Is thieves cant a language DND 5e?

Thieves’ cant is not a language but it’s treated as one mechanically. It’s a class feature (though I’m not sure anyone’s debating this) because it’s detailed in the list of a Rogue’s class features.

What is Undercommon language D&D?

Undercommon was a trade language spoken by the majority of intelligent races native to the Underdark. Speakers of Undercommon included the aboleth, choker, chuul, cloaker, delver, drider, drow, duergar, dwarf, githyanki, githzerai, grimlock, kobold, kuo-toa, orc, rakshasa, roper, svirfneblin, and mind flayer races.

Does comprehend languages work on Druidic?

Summary. Comprehend Languages works on Druidic, but not Thieves’ Cant because Thieves’ Cant isn’t actually a language.

Do all rogues speak thieves cant?

Thieves’ Cant isn’t a language, but rather the knowledge of how to mix dialect, jargon, and code into ‘normal conversation’. It also lets you understand the secret signs and symbols made by others. And those others are all rogues – or by RAW, must have at least one level in rogue.

What would thieves cant sound like?

Thieves’ cant is a spoken coded language only shared and comprehended by thieves; as far as my understanding goes that means this language shouldn’t sound like a different language, but would likely use Common with hidden messages to hide its true intention.

What language do thieves speak in DND?

Spoken by. Thieves’ cant was the secret language of rogues.

Can common speakers understand Undercommon?

As far as anyone has ever written down, Undercommon shares neither grammar, nor vocabulary, nor a culture of native speakers, with Common. The only similarity is their purpose.

Who speaks Abyssal?

Spoken by. Abyssal is the language of demons. Originating on the plane of Shavarath, the fiends brought the language to Eberron during the Age of Demons.