Can a cat live with a fractured jaw?

Can a cat live with a fractured jaw?

The lower jaw (the mandible) usually fractures right in the middle of the chin which is very painful and renders the pet unable to use its jaw to eat. Fortunately for most cats, they heal very well when the jaw is wired back together.

Can a cat’s broken jaw heal on its own?

We often hear from pet owners who were told by their veterinarians that their pet’s fractured jaw will resolve or heal on its own. But this is not true! In some cases, the bone will close, but it rarely does so in the correct place.

How long does a broken jaw take to heal in cats?

Healing typically takes 4 to 12 weeks, and thus, requires good owner compliance during the treatment period to aid in healing. Wax is often prescribed to be applied over irritating wires used during surgery.

How much does it cost to fix a cats broken jaw?

Cost of Surgical Fracture Repair in Cats For a basic fracture repair an average total bill is around the $1,500 mark, but for more complex surgery $4,000 plus is not unusual.

How would a cat break its jaw?

Trauma is the most frequent cause for jaw fracture in cats. Automobile accidents, animal fights (especially cat and dog fights), blunt trauma, dental (tooth) extraction complication, falls and gunshots represent cases Dr. Kressin has managed. These injuries can be devestating for cats and their owners.

How serious is a broken jaw?

A dislocated or broken jawbone requires immediate medical attention. A severely broken jawbone can affect your breathing, especially if there are other facial fractures. If you have surgery to wire your jaws shut, you should carry wire cutters with you at all times.

What happens if a broken jaw goes untreated?

It is important not to leave broken bones untreated as this may well result in difficulty with eating and drinking. Factures of any bones in the jaw will alter the way your mouth opens and closes, treatment will prevent risk of infections, dental decay and long term conditions such as arthritis.

How do you feed a cat with a broken jaw?

Mix a small amount of a calorie paste, such as NutriCal, into the food. The calorie paste is packed with vitamins and nutrients that your cat’s diet may be missing and will help it maintain proper weight and energy as the jaw heals. Scoop a small amount of food onto the spoon and offer it to your cat.

What do you do for a cat with a broken jaw?

Slight cracks in the bone can be treated with rest. This means that special soft foods and no toys or bones should be given to it during its recovery period. Other fractures require reduction (setting and re-alignment of the bone) and some cases may require surgical repair.

What happens if you leave a broken jaw untreated?

Do all jaw fractures need surgery?

Depending on the extent of the break, treatment for a jaw fracture may require surgery. Clean breaks may heal on their own while your jaw is immobilized, while multiple fractures will likely require surgical repair.

How do you tell if a cat’s jaw is broken?

In general the signs are: swelling in the area, a loss of symmetry of the lower jaw and potentially the loss of teeth in the affected region. The lower jaw may also droop on the affected side. A mandibular fracture will also be painful.

Is it common for a cat to break its jaw?

Jaw fractures are a common traumatic pathology in our domestic patients. Separations of the mandibular symphysis are seen in cats perhaps more than any other orthopaedic injury. As a fibrous union and a prominent area of the rostral face, it is at risk primarily in road traffic accidents and sometimes in high-rise falls.

How to repair a fracture in a cat?

Fracture Repair in Cats 1 Diagnosis of Fractures in Cats. In many cases, a history of trauma will be obvious,… 2 Treatment of Fractures in Cats. To repair a fracture, the ends of the bone must be opposed and… 3 Home Care. In the case of a cast or splint, the toes or the top of the bandage will need to be checked daily…

What is a nonunion of a fracture?

View All. A nonunion occurs when a broken bone does not heal. Bones have a tremendous capacity for healing themselves, and with proper treatment, most all fractures will heal without complication. However, some fractured bones have difficulty healing. When a bone is slow to heal, we call this a “delayed union.”.

Can a broken bone turn into a nonunion?

Any broken bone can develop into a nonunion, but several bones are notorious for nonunion development. The reason is that the blood flow to these bones is poor even in normal daily life, and therefore, they are a ‘set-up’ for a nonunion. These problem broken bones include: Scaphoid Fractures. Talus Fractures.