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Common questions

Are Mo and Yuko siblings?

Are Mo and Yuko siblings?

Yuko is one of the main animated characters in Mia and Me, and one of the first elves Mia met in Centopia….

Friends Mo Mia Onchao Phuddle Lyria Kyara
Enemies Panthea Gargona Rixel Dax Lord Drakon
Family Kuki (sister)
Skills Waterglare Flying

Does Mo have a crush on Yuko?

As of season 3, Mo and Yuko officially have crushes on each other. They are childhood friends and Yuko has always had feelings for him.

Is Onchao a boy?

Onchao is a very special unicorn. He is the son of Ono and Lyria.

Who is Mia’s boyfriend in Mia and Me?

A few episodes later (The golden son) she meets the unicorn Onchao and she became friends with him. Mia’s boyfriend is Mo, they fell in love with each other in season 2.

Does Sara ever go to Centopia?

Sara appears in Season 3. She can travel to Centopia with Mia, as an elf. She is able to see Dax’s spybugs, unlike the others.

Will there be Season 4 of Mia and me?

It seems like the movie is planned to release in 2021-2022 and Season 4 in 2022! There’s also a new poster and another picture for the movie on the studio’s website. Season 3 uploaded online!

Does Sara go to Centopia?

Where is Mia and me set?

Mia and Me
Type TV series
Main production location Germany
Years aired 2011-2019 (fourth season planned)
Creator Gerhard Hahn

Will there be a Mia and Me Season 4?

Meanwhile three seasons of Mia and me (104 x 23′) are available, season four and a feature film are currently in production for a launch in 2022.

Is Mario in Season 3 of Mia and me?

He is a vital character in Season 2 of Mia and Me. In the magazines based on Season 3, Mia sends Mario emails to keep in touch with him….

Portrayed by: Luca Saviozzi Murphy

Who is the blind girl in Mia and me?

Sara is a character who debuted in Season 3 of Mia and Me. In the human world, she is visually impaired after suffering from an accident. She is an award winning hiphop dancer. In Centopia, Sara is an elf with acute vision….

Portrayed and Voiced by: Lucia Luna Laurenti Sellers

Is there a Mia and Me movie?

A co-production between Studio 100 Media GmbH, Studio B Animation Pty Ltd. and Broadvision Services Private Ltd., Constantin Film Verleih will release the movie in Germany in 2022 following its distribution agreement with Studio 100 Media.