Are MEDDEV documents still valid?

Are MEDDEV documents still valid?

As part of the transition from MDD 93/42/EEC to the new MDR 2017/745, the old MEDDEV documents that applied under the MDD are gradually being replaced by MDCG guidance documents under the MDR and IVDR. Although these guidance documents are not legally binding, consideration and implementation is advised.

What are MEDDEV documents?

MEDDEV stands for MEDical DEVices Documents. The MEDDEV Guidance Documents are developed by various working groups on behalf of the European Commission to assist stakeholders in implementing directives related to medical devices.

What is the difference between MEDDEV and MDR?

A: Rev 4 of the MEDDEV moves closer to the MDR, but the MDR takes it a little further such as requiring a signed quality agreement to access the equivalent device’s technical information when using an equivalent for a Class III device.

What is European MDR?

The European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is a new set of regulations that governs the production and distribution of medical devices in Europe, and compliance with the regulation is mandatory for medical device companies that want to sell their products in the European marketplace.

What does MDCG stand for?


Acronym Definition
MDCG Medical Device Coordination Group (EU)
MDCG Money Debt & Credit Group PLC

Is Eudamed active?

The application of the MDR has been delayed by one year, until May 26, 2021. However, the development of Eudamed has been delayed by two years, now expected to become applicable from May 26, 2022.

Which MEDDEV gives guidelines on classifying a medical device in the EU?

The present MEDDEV is part of a set of guidelines relating to questions of application of EU Directives on medical devices. They are not legally binding. Only the European Court of Justice can give an authoritative interpretation of Community Law.

What is the difference between MDR and MDD?

The MDR is significantly more comprehensive and detailed compared to the MDD. While the MDD comprises 23 Articles and 12 annexes over 60 pages, the MDR has 123 articles and 17 annexes over 175 pages.

Does EU MDR replace MDD?

The EU MDR is a replacement of the European Union Medical Device Directive (EU MDD). EU MDR devices are produced in, or supplied to, member countries of the European Union. The EU MDR regulatory framework identifies medical devices and standardizes data and technological advances through an EU database (Eudamed).

What is MDD in quality?

There are many regulations in place that govern how medical device manufacturers can produce and supply their products. The EU has a few different regulatory requirements for medical devices. In Europe, there is the MDD (Medical Devices Directive) as well as MDR (Medical Device Regulation).

What is the MDR for 2021?

In May 2021, The EU MDR will replace the EU’s current Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and Directive on Active Implantable Medical Devices (90/385/EEC). As part of the new regulations, manufacturers of medical devices for sale within the EU must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure their products are safe to use.

When was EU MDR announced?

May 5th 2017
The new European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on May 5th 2017 and “entered into force” 20 days later on 26 May 2017.