Are iPhone 4 and 5 the same size?

Are iPhone 4 and 5 the same size?

The iPhone 5 has a modestly larger screen, but because the housing is thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 doesn’t really “feel” much bigger overall.

Is iPhone 4 glass back?

Unlike the older iPhone models, the iPhone 4 has both the front and back made of this kind of glass, which Apple says is chemically strengthened to be “20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic.” In an Apple video, Jonathan Ive, the company’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, says the new glass …

Did iPhone 4S have glass back?

The glass rear covers on the iPhone 4S (along with the iPhone 4) were notorious for cracking easily after an accidental fall.

Is iPhone 4 still in use?

There are plenty of people out there who are still using an iPhone 4. So if you’re wondering if you can still use this smartphone in general, the answer is a definite yes. The iPhone 4 can offer you the basics: email, web browsing, texting, calling, and FaceTime.

What did the iPhone 5 look like?

The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s both have a largely aluminum 0.30 of an inch thick case with a “chamfered cut” band around the edge, but the matte color options are different. Specifically, the iPhone 5 has either a black glass front and a mostly black aluminum back or a white glass front and a mostly silver aluminum back.

How can I tell if my iPhone is a 4 or 5?

How to tell what iPhone you have

  • Open the Settings app and then tap General.
  • At the top of the General page, tap About.
  • If your iPhone is running iOS 12.2 or later, you should see the Model Name listed on the third line.
  • Underneath the Model Name, a Model Number is listed.

Is iPhone 4 all glass?

Of course the obvious question at this point is: What makes a glass smartphone chassis so special? The answer is that, unlike glass backed phones such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines, Apple really does mean ‘all glass’ – aka the front, rear and sides of the phone.

When did iPhone 5 release?

September 20, 2013iPhone 5s / Introduced

Can I still use iPhone 5?

Apple ended software support for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c in 2017. Both devices stayed on iOS 10 and neither will device will get iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, or iOS 15.