Are Hankook tires very good?

Are Hankook tires very good?

Hankook has established itself as one of the best budget tire brands. And while its tires may be comparably cheaper, they don’t compromise on performance, quality or durability. Overall, it has done an impressive job of balancing affordability, performance, durability and quality.

Is Hankook a Korean tire?

Hankook Tire was established in 1941 in Seoul, Korea, and started manufacturing tires in 1942 with just 110,000 tires a year. Presently Hankook Tire is producing 50 million tires a year. In 1962, Hankook made Korean history when they began exporting car tires for the first time.

Are Hankook Chinese tires?

Hankook Tire & Technology (/ˈhæŋkʊk/; [haːnɡuk] Korean: 한국; Hanja: 韓國; lit. (South) Korea, also known simply as Hankook and stylised Hank o o k), is a South Korean tire company. Based in Seoul, Hankook is the seventh largest tire company in the world.

Who makes Hankook Tire?

Hankook Tire & Technology is the largest tire manufacturer in South Korea. By sales, it is the sixth-biggest player in the global market. The company was established in 1941. Its name is a romanized spelling of a Korean-language word for Korea.

How many miles should Hankook tires last?

As for tread life warranties, most Hankook tires are within the 50,000-mile range, but some of its passenger models offer protection up to 90,000 miles.

Is there a recall on Hankook tires?

On December 18, 2015 Hankook Tire America Corporation (“Hankook”) reported that Hankook will conduct a recall in certain HANKOOK brand Passenger tires manufactured in between May 20, 2013 through February 14, 2015….Tire Recalls and Service Campaigns.

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Are Hankook tires made in the USA?

Hankook Tire is expanding its passenger tire segment with the release of the KINERGY PT (H737), a premium touring all-season tire, the company’s first tire made exclusively in the U.S. at its new plant in Clarksville, Tenn.

What tyres do Hankook make?

All tyres by Hankook

  • Ventus V12 Evo 2 K120. 4.6/5. (973 reviews)
  • Ventus Prime 2 – K115. 4.6/5. (785 reviews)
  • Ventus Prime 3 K125. 4.6/5. (635 reviews)
  • Kinergy Eco K425. 4.5/5. (522 reviews)
  • Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117. 4.5/5. (479 reviews)
  • Dynapro HP2 RA33. 4.6/5. (245 reviews)
  • Optimo K415. Not rated yet.
  • Ventus S1 Evo 2 SUV K117A. 4.6/5.

Are Hankook tires made in USA?

What cars use Hankook tires?

Global Automotive Partners

  • AUDI.
  • BMW.
  • DACIA.
  • FIAT.
  • FORD.

How many miles do Hankook tires last?

What tires are recalled?

What Tires Have Been Recalled?

  • Cooper 17T019000 (Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.)
  • El Dorado 17T019000 (Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.)
  • Vanderbilt 17T019000 (Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.)
  • Starfire 17T019000 (Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.)
  • Futura 17T019000 (Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.)
  • Cornell 17T019000 (Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.)