Are 364 and 363 batteries the same?

Are 364 and 363 batteries the same?

The 364/363 cell provides average current capacity in a relatively small case. Other names for this style are 364, 363, AG1, SR621SW, SR60, RW320, D364, V364(531), 28034 and SB-AG.

Are 377 and 364 batteries the same?

No, despite they feature the same chemistry (silver-oxide) and very similar dimensions: – 364: 6.8 x 2.1 mm, – 377: 6.8 x 2.6 mm. Due to the same diameter and very similar height, it is possible to place 364 battery into the 377 battery compartment, and sometimes even vice versa.

What are 364 batteries used for?

Used in watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators.

What voltage is a 364 battery?

1.55 V
Energizer 364/363TS (SR621SW) Silver Oxide Battery 1.55 Volt 5/Pack (364/363)

Chemistry Silver Oxide
Nominal Voltage 1.55 V
Operating Temperature Range -28°C to 55°C (-20°F to 131°F)
Rechargeable No

What batteries are compatible with 364 363?

Energizer 364-363 battery equivalent:SR621SW, Duracell D364, Bulova -602, Seiko SB-AG, citizen – 280-34, GP364, IEC SR601175SO, 164, 280-34, 362, 364, 364BP, 531, 602, AG1, D 364, D364, GP364, L621, LR60, LR620, LR621, R 364/31, RW 320, S621S, SB-AG/DG, SG1, SP364, SR 60, SR 621 SW, SR60, SR60L, SR621, T and V364.

What battery replaces sr927w?

These watch button cells (also are known as coin cells) fit many sizes. For example, a size 399 battery is the equivalent of a SR927SW battery, which is also the same is a SG7 Battery.

Is SR621SW the same as 364?

364 Battery is a direct replacement for SR621SW, SR60, SR621, SB-AG/DG, 280-34, T, V364, D364, 602, S621E, GP364, AG1, AG-1, 364, L621, LR621, SG1, LR60, LR620, SW621, GP164, 364X, 364A, AG1/364A, SB-AG, E364 batteries.

How long does a 364 battery last?


Battery Size: 364
Battery Chemistry: Silver Oxide
Battery Voltage: 1.55
Battery Terminal Type: Button Top
Battery Shelf Life: 3 Years

Is SR626SW the same as 364?

Electrically they are the same, except that the SR626SW has higher capacity (28 mAh) so it’ll last longer than the SR621SW(23 mAh).

What battery can replace AG1?

10pk Exell EB-L621 Alkaline 1.5V Watch Battery Replaces AG1 LR621 364

UPC 819891018212
Condition New
Brand Exell Battery
Battery Size 364
Chemistry Alakline